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Secrets to Soccer, Secrets to Sports

Online Coaching
and Training Platform

The S2S tool offers:
For the Coach:
  • a library with practices, readymade sessions and other resources
  • prepare soccer training sessions, season and development plans
  • game management
  • communication system
  • reports and statistics for teams and players
  • design tools to prepare own drills
  • information to parents
For the Player:
  • training better at home
  • being prepared for the training sessions
  • log book per season and accumulated
For the Management:
  • overview all coaching and training activities
  • field scheduling
  • equipment management
  • quality assurance
  • information system
Now also includes:
Readymade training sessions per age group
with selected favorite drills
Product upgrades are included in the price


Products and prices
Choose subscription (mark one of the circles)
FREE TRIAL for 30 days (details)
Single User License (details) - USD 39.95 per year
Team License (details) - USD 69.95 per year
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Apply the S2S tool for your whole club or school - calculate the cost
You can apply the S2S tool for as many teams as you need.

If you want a Club Agreement (minimum 5 teams), with an agreed discount, please contact User support.
Full Access vs General Access
With Full Access you can use ALL the sections in the top menu bar. General Access is limited to My page and Club's page only. You can order Full Access at "S2S subscription" in the left menu on My page.

To get Full Access, you must subscribe for a Team License.
Up to 4 coaches on a team that has subscribed for a Team Licence, will get Full Access. You can add extra coaches with Full Access by going to S2S subscription.

Coaches on teams without Team Licence will only have General Access. This is free of charge.

For each Team Licence, also one S2S Admin can have Full Access.

Players who have subscribed for a Player Licence, will have Full Access. All other players will have General Access - free of charge. General Access means that they will receive and find all information from their coach, but to see the videos, they will need a Player License.
Difference between Full Access and General Access GUIDE
Features and functions General Access Full Access
My page, Team's page and Club's page
· Training sessions
· Matches
· Player development, testing, analysis and guiding
· Calendar for training and coaching
· Notes, e-mails and SMS messages
· Team's pages
· Team administration and player participation
· Field scheduling
· Overview of teams, coaches, players and administrators
· Organization, equipment and events
· Statistics and reports per team and per player
· matches
· training sessions
· development of the team
Library and Add content
· Library with 1750 video filmed practices
· Development plans per age group
· Create own practices and illustrate with
· text and document files
· 2D and 3D animation
· videos
· Add own content as documents and videos
Mobile app
· Entrance pages of the 4 main sections
· All pages and functions of the app
· Participation information
· Personal messages
With Free Trial Period you will have a Team License with Full Access to the program for 30 days.
After this month, you will continue to have General Access FREE of charge.

You can also continue to subscribe for the Team License and you can add more teams - with or without Team Licenses.
Single User
When you subscribe for a Single User License, you will get Full Access to the program - for ONE person.

If you later want to add players and fellow coaches, you can upgrade to a Team License.
Team License
When you subscribe for a Team Licence, you will get Full Access to the program.
Each Team Licence gives Full Access for up to 4 coaches on the team and for 1 administrator.

The players will have General Access to the tool.
They can later get Full Access by subscribing for a Player Licence.