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Secrets to Soccer, Secrets to Sports

Online Coaching
and Training

The S2S tool offers:
For the Coach:
  • a library with practices, readymade sessions and other resources
  • prepare training sessions, season and development plans
  • game management
  • communication system
  • reports and statistics for teams and players
  • design tools to prepare own drills
  • information to parents
For the Player:
  • training better at home
  • being prepared for the training sessions
  • log book per season and accumulated
For the Management:
  • overview all coaching and training activities
  • field scheduling
  • equipment management
  • quality assurance
  • information system
Now also includes: Readymade training sessions per age group with selected favorite drills
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Skills overview
Recommended from level:  
I. II. III. # of
Individual technique Passing with the inside of the foot(1) 1
    with the outside of the foot(2) 2
    flicking(3) 2
    with the semi-instep(4) 1
    with the instep(5) 1
    crossing the ball(6) 2
  Shooting with the instep(7) 1
    with the inside of the foot(8) 1
    with the outside of the foot(9) 2
    on the half-volley(10) 1
    on the volley - from the front(11) 2
    on the volley - with the front foot(12) 1
    on the volley - with the back foot(13) 1
    lobbing(14) 1
    the overhead kick(15) 1
  Heading at goal from high crosses(16) 1
    at goal from low crosses(17) 1
    passing with the head(18) 2
    in defence(19) 1
  Follow up passing and finishing(20) 1
  Trapping the ball getting into position(21) 2
    with the foot(22) 1
    with the thigh(23) 1
    with the chest(24) 1
    with the head(25) 2
    screening the ball(26) 2
  Feint and dribble keeping the opponent at a distance(27) 1
    challenging the opponent(28) 2
    disguising a pass(29) 1
    the passing move(30) 1
    the crossing move(31) 1
    the shooting move(32) 1
    the body move(33) 1
    the balance move(34) 1
    the heel move(35) 1
    stop move(36) 2
    the tempo move- knocking the ball on(37) 2
    the back-foot move(38) 1
    the angle move(39) 1
    the scissors move(40) 1
    double-touch move(41) 1
    the nutmeg move(42) 1
    personal moves(43) 1
  Ball control looking up before you receive the ball(44) 1
    close control(45) 1
  Running with the ball close control(46) 2
    split vision(47) 1
  Turning with one step(48) 3
    screening the ball(49) 2
    with the body move(50) 2
    with the scissors move(51) 2
    with personal moves(52) 1
  Tackling the block-tackle(53) 1
    the body tackle(54) 1
    the slide tackle(55) 2
  Set plays penalty kicks(56) 1
    throw-ins(57) 2
    corner kicks(58) 1
    distant free kicks(59) 2
    free kicks near goal(60) 3
Attacking play Principles of attack give support(61) 2
    passing - distance(62) 1
    width(63) 1
    depth(64) 1
  Passing play easy passes(65) 2
    looking up(66) 1
    passing angles(67) 2
    limited-touch play(68) 1
  2-1 situations wall pass(69) 1
    lofted wall pass(70) 1
    change-over(71) 1
    change-over - the backheel(72) 1
    overlapping(73) 1
    underlapping(74) 1
  Runs deep runs(75) 2
    diagonal runs(76) 1
    changing positions(77) 1
    v-runs(78) 3
    create your own space(79) 2
    u-runs(80) 1
    behind the offside line(81) 2
    create space for others(82) 2
    blind-side runs(83) 1
  Crosses early crosses(84) 1
    late crosses(85) 1
    other crosses(86) 1
  Finishing positioning for crosses(87) 3
    runs for crosses(88) 1
    clear of the defence(89) 2
    clear - unpressured(90) 1
    clear - pressured(91) 2
    make and take opportunities(92) 2
    central attacking(93) 1
  Transitional play counter-attacks(94) 1
  Understanding the game(95) 1
  Set plays goal kicks(96) 2
    throw-ins(97) 2
    corner kicks(98) 2
    distant free kicks(99) 1
    free kicks near goal(100) 3
Defending Principles of defence goal-side(101) 1
    marking(102) 1
    covering(103) 1
    pressing(104) 1
    support(105) 1
    delaying(106) 1
    danger areas(107) 3
    communication(108) 2
  1-1 situations opponent facing the wrong way(109) 2
    challenged - intercept(110) 1
    challenged - delay(111) 2
  Defending around the box central attacks(112) 1
    attacks on the flanks(113) 1
  Transition from attack general(114) 1
    interception to attacking(115) 1
  Set plays goal kicks(116) 1
    throw-ins(117) 2
    corner kicks(118) 2
    distant free kicks(119) 2
    free kicks near goal(120) 3
Goalkeeping technique Movement techniques starting position(121) 1
    position adjustment(122) 1
    jumping techniques(123) 2
  Catching the ball cupping(124) 2
    gripping - low balls(125) 1
    gripping - high balls(126) 1
  Diving techniques low balls(127) 1
    high balls(128) 1
  Blocking rebounds(129) 1
    punching - low balls(130) 1
    punching - high balls(131) 2
    deflecting - low balls(132) 2
    deflecting - high balls(133) 2
  Distribution low throws(134) 1
    high throws(135) 2
    volleying from the hand(136) 1
    half-volleys from the hand(137) 1
    goal kicks(138) 2
  Playing skills low balls(139) 1
    high balls(140) 1
Goalkeeping play Positioning the play is far from goal(141) 1
    the play is close to goal(142) 3
    narrowing the angle(143) 3
    the play is on the flanks(144) 2
  Shot stopping basic moves(145) 2
    penalties(146) 1
  Contending one on ones basics(147) 2
    against a pressured player(148) 1
    against an unpressured player(149) 2
    1-1 with the goalie(150) 3
  Dealing with crosses unchallenged(151) 2
    challenged(152) 1
  Transitions counter-attacks(153) 2
  Communication the goalkeeper's calling(154) 2
  Opponents' set plays corner- throw-in, distant free kick(155) 3
    free kicks near goal(156) 2
Trapping the ball - with the chest
Choose practice Demonstration practices
The demonstration practices show how the skill
shall be performed.
Skills practices
The skill practices show how to learn to perfom
the skill.
Game practices
The game practices show how to use the skill in a
game like situation.
Practice at home
"Practice at home" shows practices that the player
can do alone or with friends.
SECRETS shows a list of relevant instruction
points for this skill.
Log in to the S2S platform to see more practices for this skill. There you can also use the practices/content in your training sessions.
Log in to the S2S platform to see more practices for this skill. There you can also use the practices/content in your training sessions.