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The S2S tool offers:
For the Coach:
  • a library with practices, readymade sessions and other resources
  • prepare training sessions, season and development plans
  • game management
  • communication system
  • reports and statistics for teams and players
  • design tools to prepare own drills
  • information to parents
For the Player:
  • training better at home
  • being prepared for the training sessions
  • log book per season and accumulated
For the Management:
  • overview all coaching and training activities
  • field scheduling
  • equipment management
  • quality assurance
  • information system
Now also includes: Readymade training sessions per age group with selected favorite drills
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Tony DiCicco, President of SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School and FieldPlayer Academy, United States
Tony DiCicco

The S2S library contains an impressive collection of skills and drills with video clips and support sequences both from the training field and from high level matches. Personally, I appreciate the comprehensive collection of exercise for goalkeeping technical and tactical training.

Tony is one of the most respected U.S. Coaches, and the only to have won both an Olympic Gold Medal and a World Cup Championship. He is on the FIFA panel of Coaches. Tony was an All-American goalkeeper and made appearances on the U.S. Men’s Nat. Team.

Jacob Daniel, Director of Sports, Georgia State Soccer Association, United States
Jacob Daniel

In GSSA we have had the pleasure to work with S2S in developing further the diagram design tool. We will use this in designing and presenting diagrams in our instruction manuals. For us it is important that the design tools are easy to use and creates good illustrations of the practices. And that we can export them to word documents and power point presentations.

Jacob is the Director of Coaching for Georgia Soccer since 1993. He is in charge of coaching education and player development for the state association and is a member of the US Soccer National Instructional Staff, as well as the US Youth Soccer Regional ODP Staff.

Roger Gustafsson, Head of Youth Academy of IFK Gothenburg, Sweden
Roger Gustafsson

This is the most complete coaching and training tool for youth that I have seen. We are now using the tool for all our teams. Combining football knowledge with planning increases efficiency, quality and continuity in our coaching.

Roger has been coaching football to youth players for more than 30 years. During six years in the 1990s he also headed IFK Gothenburg to 5 Swedish Championship titles and participated in the final plays of the Champions League three times.

Even Pellerud, Head coach of the Norwegian Women National Team, Norway
Even Pellerud

I have had the possibility to follow the development of S2S during the last couple of years. I am impressed by the thoroughness and long term commitment of the work behind this new coaching tool.

Even has a long career as a player and a coach on Club teams and National teams. He built and headed the Norwegian women team who won the 1995 World Cup and has coached the Canadian women to World Cup in 2003 and in China now in 2007.

Teddy Moen, Chief Executive of the Norwegian Football Coaches Association, Norway
Teddy Moen

Good coaching is a very demanding task – both on the field and behind the desk. Internet opens up for better and less time consuming planning, preparation and communication. An online coaching tool like S2S, represents new opportunities and an easier situation for the coaches.

Besides his position in NFCA, Teddy is presently finishing a Doctorate at the Norwegian Sports University. He has long experience as a coach and as a Club director in Christiansand FC. Teddy is also expert advisor for the European Football Coach Association (UEFT).

Trond Eriksen, Coach Coordinator in Stabak FC, Norway
Trond Eriksen

As a premier league club, the development of our youth players is extremely important. For our U14-U19 teams we use the development plan parts of the S2S tool. For the younger ones we compose training sessions by selecting drills from the library or by implementing readymade sessions.

Trond has been the Coach Coordinator in Stabak since 1997. Before this he was coaching youth for almost 20 years and was also sports director at district level.

Willi Ruttensteiner, Sports Director Austrian Football Association, Austria
Willi Ruttensteiner

The co-operation between ÖFB and S2S gives the around 2.300 clubs in Austria, not only the possibility to share their competence between each other, but also to benefit from the ideas and methods of the ЦFB main coaches.
In addition, the platform provides powerful tools for management and communication for the teams and the club.

As Sports Director, Willi Ruttensteiner has the overall responsibility for coaching and coach education in Austria.

Willi Temper, President of the Austrian Football Trainer Association, Austria
Willi Temper

Developing football competence is one of the most important objectives of the Austrian Football Trainer Association. Based on this, we consider internet to represent a new opportunity to support reaching increasingly higher levels. An internet platform like S2S is an ideal tool for the coach to improve planning of training sessions and communication within the clubs.

Willi Temper has a long background as player and coach on various levels. He is today the President of BÖFL.

Roman Stary, head coach of U16 FK Austria Wien and assistant coach of U20 National Team, Austria
Roman Stary

Earlier, Roman Stary was Head of the Youth Academy of Austria Kärnten. He then commented:
Talent development is of essential importance for us. Already, 30 players have made their way from the Academy into the Austrian premier league.
All coaches in our Youth Academy prepare their training sessions with S2S. For me, as the Head of the Academy, the platform provides an excellent tool to follow-up all coaching activities and to discuss them with the respective coaches.

Roman Stary looks back on a professional football player career. He played for Rapid and Austria Wien, First Vienna, GAK and Wacker Tirol before he finished his active career in 2006 with FC kelag Kärnten.

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