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Secrets to Soccer, Secrets to Sports

Online Coaching
and Training

The S2S tool offers:
For the Coach:
  • a library with practices, readymade sessions and other resources
  • prepare training sessions, season and development plans
  • game management
  • communication system
  • reports and statistics for teams and players
  • design tools to prepare own drills
  • information to parents
For the Player:
  • training better at home
  • being prepared for the training sessions
  • log book per season and accumulated
For the Management:
  • overview all coaching and training activities
  • field scheduling
  • equipment management
  • quality assurance
  • information system
Now also includes:
Readymade training sessions per age group
with selected favorite drills
Product upgrades are included in the price

Today's soccer skill

Individual technique - Trapping the ball - with the foot
Below you will find one of the totally 156 soccer skills that are presented in the S2S tool.
In the ARCHIVE we have selected 50 of the most fundamental skills and drills for youth and grassroots.
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Demonstration practice
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Drill practices, Game practices and Practice at home, as well as more general coaching points ("Secrets").
Three players practise trapping the ball, using both their right and left feet. Pass from different distances and directions, firmly, gently, in the air and on the ground.
Trap gentle balls along the ground by allowing the ball to bounce a little against your foot, and firmer balls by performing a braking movement. Trap the ball with the inside, outside, underside and top of the foot.
Hit more difficult passes but still try to trap the ball just as well.
Coaching points (here we call them SECRETS):
  • You can trap both high and low balls with your foot in many different ways
  • You can trap balls on the ground, in the air and during or just after the bounce
  • You can trap the ball with the inside, outside, underside and top of the foot
  • There are two basic ways of trapping a high ball
  • One is to allow the ball to bounce up a little when trapping it
  • You can then play the ball on before it reaches the ground
  • You can also allow the ball to drop to the ground and trap it or e.g. pass
  • In this case, ensure your foot is at the right angle
  • This causes the ball e.g. to bounce upward instead of bouncing forward away from you
  • The other way is to kill the speed of the ball using a braking movement
  • You do this at the moment you receive the ball
  • Raise your foot toward the ball and then pull your foot down as you receive it
  • You can also combine these two trapping methods of high balls in various ways
  • The braking movement and setting up the ball for the next skill
  • When trapping a slow ball along the ground, you can allow it to bounce a little against your foot
  • If the ball is moving at high speed, perform a braking movement with your foot
  • You can combine these two trapping methods of balls along the ground in various ways
  • The braking movement and setting up the ball for the next skill
  • Practise trapping the ball with both your right and left foot and from different directions