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Secrets to Soccer, Secrets to Sports

Online Coaching
and Training

The S2S tool offers:
For the Coach:
  • a library with practices, readymade sessions and other resources
  • prepare soccer training sessions, season and development plans
  • game management
  • communication system
  • reports and statistics for teams and players
  • design tools to prepare own drills
  • information to parents
For the Player:
  • training better at home
  • being prepared for the training sessions
  • log book per season and accumulated
For the Management:
  • overview all coaching and training activities
  • field scheduling
  • equipment management
  • quality assurance
  • information system
Now also includes:
Readymade training sessions per age group
with selected favorite drills
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Today's soccer skill

Individual technique - Running with the ball - close control
Below you will find one of the totally 156 soccer skills that are presented in the S2S tool.
In the ARCHIVE we have selected 50 of the most fundamental skills and drills for youth and grassroots.
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The videos are presented via Adobe Flash Player. Make sure that you have the latest update or download the program free of charge.
Demonstration practice
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Drill practices, Game practices and Practice at home, as well as more general coaching points ("Secrets").
The players take turns running with the ball and chasing reasonably actively. Chase both alongside and behind the person with the ball.
Maintain close control and run with the ball, using the inside and outside of both feet. Use your outer foot when running and screen the ball. Perform a lunge when the defender is running alongside, running in front when the defender runs behind. Practise watching both the ball and the defender using your split vision.
After a while, test these methods against fully active defenders.
Coaching points (here we call them SECRETS):
  • Maintain close control when you are running with the ball and your opponent is nearby
  • You will then usually avoid attempted interceptions and being attacked
  • You can also quickly perform a feint and a dribble when necessary
  • It is possible to hit a pass quickly and e.g. wall pass to get by your opponent
  • When your opponents are further away, you can have the ball slightly further away
  • You can then use fewer touches when you run with the ball and it is faster
  • You also have more opportunities to look up
  • When your opponents get closer, it is best to maintain close control again
  • If necessary, you can then quickly alter direction and change your pace
  • The defender may try to intercept
  • In this case, you can quickly tap the ball forwards
  • When your opponent performs a slide tackle, you can chip the ball over the outstretched leg
  • Jump over the outstretched leg yourself, collect the ball again and run on
  • When your opponent is running beside you, use your outer foot as you run with the ball
  • You will then screen the ball with your body
  • If the defender is moving toward you at speed from the side, feel free to try a lunge
  • Perform the lunge at the defender as quickly and clearly as possible
  • For example, it might look as though you are going to pass, dribble or change the direction of your run
  • The defender reacts automatically, becomes cautious and often breaks off the attack temporary
  • This gives you time and space to run on with the ball or to carry out another skill
  • This may be necessary if you intend e.g. to shoot, hit a long ball or a cross
  • If you are slightly ahead of the chasing defender, you should run in front of him or her
  • Your opponent will then lose speed
  • Practice running with the ball and maintaining close control at increasingly high speeds and in various directions